Reliability Compliance Program Management

Reliability Compliance Program Management offers a registered entity the experience of a qualified full-time compliance department at their disposal. A registered entity will have the confidence that their compliance program is being effectively and efficiently managed. Even if  CGM Consulting has not designed, developed and implemented your compliance program; management of your compliance program adds that additional element of confidence to any registered entity’s internal compliance program.

Our management of a registered entity’s reliability compliance program consists of;

  • monitoring the reliability compliance program including supporting documentation,
  • revising the reliability compliance program to ensure it satisfies the NERC and regional reliability standard requirements,
  • assistance of compliance related tasks,
  • oversight of the OATI webCDMS/web portal reporting,
  • management of all compliance monitoring activities (inherent risk assessments, self-certification, audits, data submittals, etc.),
  • preparation of the reliability compliance program for audits, including RSAW preparation
  • training of the reliability compliance program including an internal compliance program
  • serve as industry resource

Our services can be tailored to one’s compliance needs. For further information please, Click here!

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