PRC-005 Scheduled Webinars

Training Agenda:

  • Review of NERC Standard PRC-005-1.1b (Applicability, Compliance Requirements and Measures)
  • Review of NERC Standard PRC-005-2(i) (Applicability, Compliance Requirements and Measures)
  • Introduce of NERC Standard PRC-005-6 (Applicability, Compliance Requirements and Measures)
  • Preview the revised NERC Bulk Electric System definition
  • Examine the NERC Protection System definition
    • Protective Relays
    • Communication Systems
    • CTs and PTs
    • Station dc Supply
    • Control Circuitry
  • Examine the Automatic Reclosing definition
    • Reclosing relay
    • Supervisory relay(s) or function(s) – relay(s) or function(s) that perform voltage and/or sync check functions that enable or disable operation or the reclosing relay
    • Voltage sensing devices associated with the supervisory relay(s) or function(s)
    • Control circuitry associated with the reclosing relay or supervisory relay(s) or function(s)
  • Examine the Sudden Pressure Relaying definition
    • A system that trips an interrupting device(s) to isolate the equipment it is monitoring and includes the following Components:
      • Fault pressure relay – a mechanical relay or device that detects rapid changes in gas pressure, oil pressure, or oil flow that are indicative of Faults within liquid-filled, wire-wound equipment
      •  Control circuitry associated with a fault pressure relay
  • Describe the NERC PRC-005-6 Maintenance Tables
  • Identify best practice strategies for maintenance and testing to demonstrate compliance
  • Outline auditing best practices to assist in maintaining and demonstrating compliance

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