Reliability Compliance Program Development & Training

In order to satisfy the numerous requirement’s of the NERC and regional reliability standards a viable reliability compliance program is key. CGM Consultants can assist a registered entity by designing, developing, and implementing their reliability compliance program to ensure a good compliance standing with both NERC and it’s regional entity. In order to adequately assess an entity’s compliance environment, CGM Consulting first performs an assessment similar to the ERO’s Inherent Risk Assessment performed by the regional entities to evaluate and identify areas the reliability compliance program is lacking and outlines a plan to both strengthen and continuously monitor these gaps as they relate to the reliability compliance program. Working with a registered entity, we are able to;

  • assess the viability of the reliability compliance program,
  • identify areas of concern as it relates to the NERC and regional reliability standards,
  • develop a corrective action plan for any trouble areas identified in the assessment,
  • design and develop procedures to meet applicable reliability standard requirements,
  • assign responsibilities to key personnel to assist in the success of the reliability compliance program,
  • outline various mechanisms to provide routine assessments of the reliability compliance program,
  • dissemination of the reliability compliance program,
  • train all key personnel of responsibilities and tasks outlined by the reliability compliance program.

Once the assessment and design process is complete, and a successful compliance program has been developed, CGM Consulting will assist your Registered Entity in establishing and implementing the compliance program. A registered entity is never left with the question of what is next, CGM Consulting in on-site and available throughout every step of the compliance program development process. Our goal is to make a successful compliance program an achievable mark for every registered entity.

For more information on developing a viable compliance program, Click here!

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