CGM Overview

CGM Consulting Group Inc.

Understanding the difficulties of navigating through the landscape of the NERC Compliance and Enforcement world, CGM Consulting Group set out to develop and manage compliance programs and services aimed to proficiently structure a client’s internal compliance efforts. CGM Consulting Group Inc. strive to identify with our clients as to assist in understanding their current and future compliance needs. CGM Consulting Group offers cost-effective services uniquely tailored to meet a clients NERC compliance goals, project timelines and staffing levels. Our approach to every project is to ensure that we are with our clients through every step of the project including; performing research, development, implementation, and dissemination throughout their organization, and that our clients are ensured and confident in their business decisions. Our team understands that no two clients and projects are the same, and therefore we take the time to meet and surpass all of our client’s expectations and needs.

CGM Consulting Group Inc. Mission Statement

CGM Consulting Group will provide cost-effective services of superior quality and value that improve the compliance efforts of NERC Registered Entities. As a result, NERC Registered Entities will be rewarded with favorable compliance programs, thus allowing CGM Consulting Group to maintain a superior reputation and foothold in the NERC regulatory services industry.