CGM Consulting Group offers a unique array of services that cause minimal disruption to a registered entity’s organization, instead assists an entity in building a dynamic and successful reliability compliance program. Whether an entity is looking for support in monitoring the changing compliance environment, obtaining training to assist in mitigating a troubling reliability standard, developing and implementing a reliability compliance program, or hires CGM Consulting Group to manage its reliability compliance program, we offer the expertise and background to support an entity in all areas of their NERC compliance commitment. CGM Consulting Group has a successful track record of assisting registered entities in the area of NERC compliance monitoring and enforcement activities, which make us some of the top NERC compliance consultants in the industry.

Our services cover all areas of NERC Compliance including;

NERC Operations & Planning NERC Compliance Trainings NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection
NERC O&P NERC Compliance Training NERC CIP